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It’s no secret that the New Year brings new resolutions, new trends, high hopes, a lot of anticipation; and this year will be no different. 2021 won’t have to work hard to surpass one of what was arguably one of the most challenging years in recent memory.

Maybe, however, this year’s fitness resolutions could look a little different. As a personal trainer, turned corrective exercise specialist, I find myself waist deep in fitness trends promising everything from ginormous muscles, to a shredded six pack in no time at all. Well, I’m here to help you find sanity and cut through…

Maybe you’re not falling off the wagon. Maybe the wagon is breaking down.

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Dieting is hard. It goes against everything our brain is programmed to do. We are designed to seek out food and survive. Our brains and bodies work in perfect harmony to pack on every pound and find the most calorically dense food available. But delicious high calorie foods are everywhere! Why can’t we manage to successfully take off a few pounds?

Our brains are constantly in overdrive with the daily stress of modern life and our bodies are only reacting to what they percieve as a threat…

If your thumb joint is feeling arthritic these days, listen up!

By now, you’ve probably heard of “Texter’s Neck”. That person walking around looking down at their phone with forward head, rounded shoulders, and chronic neck and shoulder pain?

Well, now I present to you…Texter’s Thumb!

Texter’s Thumb is an altered force couple between the muscles of the thumb that draw it into the palm, and those that pull it away from the palm. In layman’s terms, you have tight thumb muscles!

ABSOLUTELY!! Let me explain…

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Let’s start by defining the 80/20 Rule more clearly. The 80/20 Rule implies that 80% of your food (calorie) intake is whole, healthy, and unprocessed, while the remaining 20% of your food (calorie) intake remains for discretionary “cheat” foods.

Notice, I say discretionary foods; not discretionary meals. When you apply the concept of meals to the system it leaves a lot open to interpretation and overindulgence.

Basically, the 80/20 Rule is something akin to “all work and no play”, but applicable to the foods we eat. The 80/20 Rule has launched a plethora of fitness trends…

image: woman’s head on a white dinner plate between a spoon (left) and fork (right); the background is black and teal.
image: woman’s head on a white dinner plate between a spoon (left) and fork (right); the background is black and teal.
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Before 2019, I couldn’t tell you the last time I wasn’t on one diet or another. I was overweight my entire childhood and ballooned further upward into my mid-twenties. It seemed like I was always trying to reign in my eating. I vacillated heavily between starving and binge eating. I was always looking for the next diet to try. My family denigrated me for my weight; even going so far as to put a lock on the fridge. …

Have you ever wondered why no one listens to you? You give advice; then they run off and do whatever they want.

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Everyone has something to say, but rarely do advice-seekers jump on the bandwagon right away. In my field, this sentiment is incredibly commonplace. I’m often asked about the best diet, the best exercises, the best way to cultivate discipline, etcetera. It’s a rarity when someone actually adopts my advice the first time I offer it.

This doesn’t make my advice less poignant, less credible, or make my input less valuable. After all, they wouldn’t be asking for help they didn’t value my expertise. If experience has taught me anything, it’s that everyone has their own set of hangups. You have…

At some point in our lives we stopped happening to life, and life started happening to us.

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All too often we become victims of habit and complacency. We lose the zeal we embodied as vigorous and passionate youths. Once, we were intent on making the most of our short lives, held visions of grandeur, and had fantastic ideas for our potential. What happened?

It seems as we age, complacency and fear set in. The zest for life we once had dies down and we settle in for the long boring stroll towards the great divide.

Frequently, I see older folks…

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Through the years as a personal trainer, I’ve heard a lot of excuses as to why diets fail. I’ve heard hundreds, if not thousands, of excuses for why binge eating episodes happen.

The overarching theme among all these excuses is that the person is simply misdirecting their alleviation of discomfort toward food. Thus leading to another “trainer-ism”:

Food Addiction: The Misdirection of Discomfort.

Honestly, any addiction sprouts from the same seed. We all find a path to alleviate discomfort with one drug or another. …

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Our actions hold weight. Whether we like it or not, people look up to us. It doesn’t matter if it’s our children, our friends, our colleagues, our spouses, or just people we see at the gym. Our actions could possibly change the course of another person’s life.

Being a parent is not only life-changing because it means you now have diaper duty. Being a parent means you now have a new set of eyes watching you; learning how the world works, and how to interact with it.

Likewise, spouses and family members respect your choices and rely on your expertise…

I often talk to my clients about how impactful their attitude and outlook can be on their success. If they walk into a diet, or workout, already traumatized by how hard it’s going to be; they’ve already failed.

It is impossible to “white knuckle” a life change.

Your brain becomes so fixated on all the things you can’t have and all the things that are so hard to do, that you lose sight of the multitude of things that you CAN HAVE and CAN DO.

Thus, you begin the descent into depression, deprivation, and denial.

You should never feel like the victim of your own story.

It’s self-defeating and demoralizing to…

Elizabeth McLeod

Owner of FireYourTrainer.Net, Certified Personal Trainer, and Writer

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